Notes and Fixtures for 2015 (Mackey Cup, Neville Cup, etc.)

Indoor Hurling and Camogie, Round Robin System.
Wednesday 25th March at Caherconlish.
11.45.a.m.    Hurling
1.15.p.m.    Camogie

Mini Sevens.    At U.L.
Wednesday 15th April  Football, Round Robin System.
11.30.a.m.    Girls
1.15.p.m.     Boys

Wednesday 22nd   Hurling and Camogie, Round Robin System.
11.30.a.m.     Hurling.
1.15.a.m.      Camogie.

Mackey Cup.
Tuesday 12th May.
3.30.p.m.   South  V  City.
4.15.p.m.   East    V   West.
5.15.p.m.   Final.
Venue:  Gaelic Grounds.

Neville Cup (Camogie).
Wednesday 13th May.
3.30.p.m.   South V  East.
4.15.p.m.   West  V  City.
5.15.p.m.   Final.
Venue:  Gaelic Grounds.

Leader Cup.(Hurling)
Wednesday 10th June.
1.00.p.m.    West  V  East.
1.45.p.m.    City  V  South.
Venue:  Gaelic Grounds.

Green and White Shield (Camogie)
Tuesday 16th June.
1.00.p.m.   South  V  West.
1.45.p.m.   East  V  City.
Venue:  Gaelic Grounds.

* Panels for Mackey Cup and Neville Cup, strictly 21 players.
* Players Under 13 years of age: Born on or after 1st January 2002.
* Mackey Cup and Neville Cup teams, 15 players a – side.
* Leader Cup, 15 players a –side.
* Green and White Shield, 12 players a – side.

Primary Game Notes:
* All players to be born on or after 1st January 2002; i.e. Under 13 years of age.
* Players to be in 6th class, an exception may be if a player is in their thirteenth year in 5th class.
* Only boy and one girl from a school in the series per year.
* The following divisions will provide the goalie for 2015.
* Boys Football – West Division.
* Girls Football – South Division.
* Hurling – East Division.
* Camogie – City Division.

The Mackey Cup, Neville Cup, Leader Cup and Green and White Shield are fixed for the Gaelic Grounds.  In the event of the Gaelic Grounds being unavailable the games will be played in U.L.

An Br. Seamus O Duidhiorma.


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